Misson & Vision

Our Mission

  • Lubi Industries LLP develops and markets a comprehensive range of products covering fluid discharging pumps, Electrical / Submersible Motors and Control Panel Boards.
  • Lubi Industries LLP is proposed to set up product establishments in 80% of fist-growing markets in India and make a stronghold in international market places for enhancing the growth rate.
  • Lubi Industries LLP has planned to establish state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for the entire product range and to deliver top-quality products and services at the market leading prices.
  • Lubi Industries LLP tends to supply value added pumping solutions for its industrial clients & is also to get into manufacturing of electronic products for industrial application.
  • Lubi Industries LLP has set a clear priority for developing streamlined and strategic business processes.
  • Lubi Industries LLP is also concerned about ensuring better health & safety standards and welfare of the employees, besides the better growth opportunities by developing people skill and competency.

Our Vision

Lubi Industries LLP has been nurturing the passion for becoming a preferred manufacturer and supplier of products and services. It is committed to offering great customer value in all its business segments and wants to notch up 20% annual compounded growth in the present sales turnover while maintaining and enhancing profitability.

Having corporate responsibility for maintaining strong relation with government, partners, society and environment.