Product Capability
We fabricate castings in numerous specification including size and weight spanning from few grams to hundreds of kgs and in volumes from individual prototype to heavy-duty production of hundreds of units.
  • Product weight spans from 0.05 kgs to 750 kgs.
  • Dimensions vary in an enclosing of a 1500x800x800 mm cube.
  • Metal Cast Range : Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Bronze Castings in all grades.
  • Capacity : 1000 metric tonnes per month.
  • Prototype : The first sample is drawn up and offered within 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Production : According to clients' demands.
Lubi Industries LLP is committed to designing high-strength and ready-to-use castings enveloping machining, polishing, painting, powder coating, assembly and buffing for bronze.

Manufacturing Facilities

We leverage the most sophisticated foundry technology to come up with superior-quality castings at highly competitive prices. We take a help of computer technology like CAM & CAD for design & pattern making,and advanced processing technology for heat treatment, painting and machining of castings. We also conduct material test and provide certificates for the approbation of chemical and structural analysis of metal, and microstructure validation of castings.

Pattern Shop Facility

We have developed in-house pattern producing facility equipped with 3D modeling, die fabricating center and the surface prepared on a Makino Vertical tool.

A variety of metalworking lathes, milling machines, pantograph machine & radial drill machines empowers us to develop an innovative pattern for moulding.